The planning system can be confusing to those with no previous experience of it. Keith can help make sense of it whether you are wanting a rear extension on your house, a roof terrace or a conservatory.

Perhaps you have just had a refusal of planning permission or even worse your Council is threatening enforcement proceedings against you for unauthorised works. Or maybe you are being told your application is not compliant with policy. Once again I can assist you in trying to find a way through this minefield of policy, legislation and regulation. To date Keith has established an excellent record in securing planning permissions for clients even where the initial decision by local authorities was to refuse permission. In November 2010 alone a mixed use commercial/residential scheme was approved and so was a residential application whereas months before both had been heading for refusal.

If you have been refused planning permission you might be considering an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. I can advise you on your chances of success, approximate cost of an appeal and can even recommend Counsel in the case of a Public Inquiry. Not every public inquiry requires a leading QC to represent clients and Keith keeps up to date with the track record of more junior barristers who can represent good value for money compared to their more established peers. Where both parties agree to written representations I can assist here too.

Political lobbying in respect of local or central Government on policy matters is another service that I offer. Do the policy parameters appear nonsensical or is the policy being quoted in conflict with other policies? Keith can provide thorough research and assist you with strategy and tactics.

He can also assist you with Licensing or Highways permissions as part of your planning application. For example does the property in question already enjoy an A3 use or is there a need to apply for this in the case of a bar, club or restaurant? Is outside dining being contemplated in which case what about a highways permission? Keith can help steer you through this minefield with his knowledge of both planning and licensing law and regulation.